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Colouring your world

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Downtown Vancouver from Kits Beach (Dec 2018)


The first time I picked up a brush since grade school was at the end of 2018. My best friend and I had an evening to ourselves and we decided to go to a local art shop to pick up some supplies to test our creativity. I had a broken right wrist at the time so I had to use my left hand. 


My procedural mind defaulted to watching Youtube videos to learn how to use acrylics. I found an old picture that I took in Vancouver and began to sketch the outlines. 20 minutes later I was ready to start my painting. In the same time, my friend had nearly finished his piece. Without hesitation or thinking, he let his brush just flow. 


My curiosity to develop my artistic creativity was born. I now use art to explore and express my thoughts, feelings, and senses. 



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