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What our clients are saying

Casey helped me determine my priorities and what we hoped to achieve within a given period. Through the coaching I was actively able to achieve the goals that we set out for myself, both professional and personal, in a timeline I did not think was possible.


One of the most prominent outcomes of the coaching sessions was a career transition from Audit to Finance, into a role that was much better suited to my strengths.


Private Equity Analyst, CPA

Working with Casey, I achieved my multi-year plan within a span of two months. Before coaching, I struggled with asking for help and support in my career development journey. My biggest fear was I will never have career fulfillment. I felt lost. 

Casey patiently listened to me and helped to shift my mindset from a limited mindset to a growth and infinite mindset. I’m no longer consumed by my work but see it as part of my fulfilling and fortunate life.


Public Practice Accountant

For the first time in a long time I feel like I have a lot of optimism and direction especially in my professional life. 

I've seen results in other areas as well which, I feel Coach Casey was the catalyst for.

Fear was holding me back.
Fear of failure.
Fear of what others might think.

I doubted myself and lacked direction to achieve what I wanted.

I've had many successes since working with Coach Casey. Coach Casey instilled in me the mindset to pass the CFE. I've been able to apply for my designation since passing.

I was finally able to open my own glassware business called Cristalleria and interview for jobs, receiving a variety of interview and full time offers.

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CPA (ex Big 4)

Before coaching, life was pretty miserable and I constantly felt stressed. I questioned if tax was the right path for me. With coaching, I've rediscovered myself and pinpointed a plan of action to progress. Casey has done an amazing job in helping me find clarity and motivation in my life again. I've began to overcome challenges and barriers one by one. Specifically, getting over stress and burnout. With his help, I've received multiple job offers in roles that excite me!


Tax CPA, Big 4

As a result of Casey’s coaching sessions, I purchased an investment property, started Brazilian jiu-jitsu and confirmed that real estate development is the right career for me

Casey had a structured approach to determining my priorities and holding me accountable to a timeline. Casey helped me quickly remove limiting beliefs that stopped me from moving forward in my investments, career and health goals.


Casey’s coaching sessions are worth his fee. I feel I got a 40x return on my investment in coaching.


Investments and Development

I brought on Casey to address issues with my business, which I thought were due to poor personal habits that needed tweaking. 


As a result of our coaching sessions, I slowly gained clarity about the issues facing my personal life and direction and addressed them.. I realized I was playing into my weaknesses instead of my strengths, expecting myself to do things I was not good at, instead of finding the right help.


We made significant progress on the enjoyment of the day-to-day, and being genuine with others and true to myself.


I would recommend Casey to anyone who is struggling with their direction professionally, or would like to explore new ways to see themselves and their work.


Public Practice Accountant

Since working with Casey, I started my own business, won my first client, and have been offered equity in a profitable business. 

I learned to organize my life around my priorities more effectively and achieved the goals I set for the program over a month early.

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CFO, CPA, MAcc (ex Big 4)

Casey guided me to the realization that it’s not reasonable to expect any one thing, or job, to be fully responsible for my purpose.

Instead of worrying about making the ‘right’ move, I am learning to focus on making the best move for me right now.

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CPA, Tax Accountant

I was fortunate enough to meet Casey before he became a coach and when I realized I needed guidance he was the first and only person I reached out to. Casey is truly a natural-born teacher and coach - he is insightful, empathetic, and knowledgeable. What I especially appreciated about working with Casey is it felt like we were working through things together as a team instead of just providing directions and leaving me to get there on my own. I know that sometimes coaching can feel vulnerable but I always felt that my thoughts, feelings, and time was respected and valued while still giving me the push I needed to actually affect change in my life. If I could give more stars I would – I highly recommend working with Casey.

When I first reached out to Casey, I was at the stage in my career that my responsibilities just kept growing, which made me feel like I could not keep up and was very stressed out. I have been working 60 - 70 hours a week for eight months straight, neglecting my personal wellness, and not being well supported in the organization or have someone fully understands the challenges of the Finance department.

Casey is very experienced in the Accounting industry and truly understood what I was going through. He coached me through my burnout toward strategies I can take to focus my energy and scale up my leadership. Throughout our sessions together, Casey has given me a clearer idea of my strengths, weaknesses, values, and goals. I have been able to set more realistic goals and boundaries, improve work-life balance, stay focused, and devote time to what is important and fulfilling to my future growth.

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Director of Finance, CPA

At the beginning of the year, I felt that I was at a major crossroad in my life. I had been living my life on autopilot mainly following a path that I myself never truly embraced. I was stuck in a rut with no foreseeable future in sight. 

I was afraid that I would never be able to get out of it and was bogged down by my insecurities and doubt in my own capabilities. The passion that I had growing up had completely disappeared and had been displaced by apathy. Life was essentially meaningless in many ways and I had let everybody and everything pass by me while I stayed still. 

Casey helped me bring to the surface the belief and confidence that I had always had within. I had been revitalized and was able to create a realistic goal for myself. My zest for progress had come back. I am finally at a point where I can make a decision for myself and trust in that decision regardless of the outcome. For the first time in years, I felt free.


Industry Corporate Accountant

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