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Casey Chung, CPA, ACC

You might be wondering how a CPA turned his career around 180 degrees to become a life and career coach!

While articling with KPMG in pursuing my CPA I had a constant question running through my mind:

"What am I going to do after I get my letters?"

Like many aspiring CPAs, I was ready and willing to dedicate my time, energy, and focus to the job and studying. Getting my CPA was supposed to be a sure path to stable income, job security, and employable skills. The path towards CPA qualification is challenging and stressful.


Long hours, tight deadlines, client relationship management, training and coaching, module studying, CPA reports.... the list goes on. I thought it was all going to get better the moment I qualified.

However, once I finished my CPA, I found myself feeling extremely lost in my career direction.

I wasn't feeling motivated by the work. I wasn't excited by the job postings that I was qualified for. I didn't see myself working behind the desk for the rest of my career.

The problem was, I didn't really know exactly what I wanted.

About a year went by before I asked for help to find clarity in my direction. My coach helped me gain confidence in my direction.

I help CPAs find a new career.



Apart from professional coaching, I am a musician, Youtuberpodcast host, and mental health advocate. In my spare time I enjoy spending time friends and family, reading, writing, cycling, playing sports, and spending time outdoors.

Certification and Training

Certified Organizational Coach, UBC Certificate in Organizational Coaching

Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation

Chartered Professional Accountant, CPA Canada

Graduate Diploma in Accounting, Rotman School of Management

Bachelor of Commerce, University of British Columbia

Mental Health First Aid Standard

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