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Composing the Sound of My Heart

Music is my form of expression

Genuinely, I

My first EP was inspired by my partner. She always asked me to record some songs for her to listen to while we were apart. I was always self-conscious about my singing voice. I never took lessons or sang in a choir so I felt like I was not good enough. That changed in 2020. I decided that I will not let that feeling of “not being ready to share” or “not being good enough” get in my way from sharing my music. 

Playing, composing, and creating music has always been one of my favourite ways to relax. I often get myself into a flow state and lose track of time when I play music. For a long time, playing music was one of my only channels of self- expression. I share my emotions and feeling with music. 

This marks my first EP. Many more to come in the future.

Thanks for listening and enjoy the page!

A brief story of my musical journey...

I was put in piano lessons at a very young age. Learning piano taught me the value of discipline, determination, and practice. But at a young age I had difficulty in focusing my attention. I decided to quit piano lessons at 8 years old as I became far too frustrated in the learning process. I never wanted to play the instrument again.


In grade 4 I was introduced to the cello. Learning the instrument in the classroom environment made practice and playing fun. The cello’s voice in the orchestra is low and grounding. I learned my musical theory from the lens of the cello. 

My dad taught me how to play a few chords on his acoustic guitar when I was 12. I learned the chords to his favourite Eagle songs. Youtube became my second teacher. 

2009: My first original Youtube creation

In grade 9, I took a beginner guitar class at school. It was my first time learning in a formal setting. Most of the other students were absolute beginners. A couple of us had some experience so our teacher gave us more difficult pieces to learn instead. 


I posted my first video on Youtube of an original song I composed. I found the guitar much more versatile compared to the cello. 6 strings and frets give the guitar an advantage over the cello. That same year, I recorded and shared a total of 5 originals.

2009: Handmade Stratocaster Copy 

Laminated Honduras mahogany and alder body with a solid maple neck and maple fretboard

I took a woodworking class at school. I finished my assigned projects ahead of time and asked my teacher what to do next. He said, “Casey, here’s a binder of plans that you can choose from. Let me know which one you want to build and I will photocopy the instructions for you.” I browsed through the binder and didn’t see anything I was interested in making. I thought about it for a few minutes and had an idea. “I want to build an electric guitar.” My teacher looked at my and said “Great! Go make some plans and I can prepare some wood

for you.” He then walked me over to the project cabinet at the back of the shop. Inside was a graveyard of attempted wooden guitars. He said that students have attempted to build guitars, but no one has ever completed their project. I was determined.

I remember so vividly the first time I plugged in the guitar. My friends all gathered around in the woodshop. I installed the strings, soldered the electronics together, and plugged in the jack to the amp. It worked! Though it is not a perfect guitar, it was made with care. I still use this guitar today.

Here’s my first recording with this guitar. It was also my first video to exceed 10,000 views (that was A LOT at the time).

2010: Let’s give piano another shot

We have always had a piano in the house. The rest of my siblings finished taking piano lessons and the piano became unused. Looking at the keys still gave me the bad memories of piano lessons in childhood. I decided to give it another try.


After not playing piano for years, I was surprised to learn that I was able to pick up songs by ear really quickly. My cello training gifted me the ear to identify the chords of most songs by listening closely for the bass notes. This newly discovered talent of mine led me into the world of pop!

Here’s the first song I learned on the piano as a teenager! 

2011: Duet with Myself

In 2011 I took my music creations to the next level. With new equipment (condenser mic, DAW, USB controller, and camera tripod), I was able to explore different kinds of productions. I actually still use the same equipment… maybe it’s time for an upgrade. 

2011: Solo Band

I recorded this one while I was supposed to be preparing for my grade 8 cello exam. My friends got me a cajon (drum box) for my birthday that year. Here’s my first go at it.

You’ll also notice a new bass guitar. I finished building that one in class a few months before this video was recorded.

I remember I was using a free version of the software…hence all the flashing of the screens. 

2011: Hamber’s Got Talent

What you’ve seen so far has only been home recordings. In 2011 my group competed in our school’s talent show and won first place. I loved performing on stage, especially with friends. I don’t usually get nervous while performing, but this one came with a lot of excitement. You may notice I started the tempo a tad too fast.

2012: Sax Time

In 2012 I borrowed my cousin’s saxophone for a few months. I’ve never learned how to play any woodwind instruments before, but I took on the challenge to teach myself. Don’t mind my stiffness and puffy cheeks! This was a few weeks into my learning process.

2012: Fix You

Here’s another one man band piece. I played piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, the cajon.

2012: Graduation

One of my most memorable musical achievements was composing, writing, and arranging our class’s graduation choir song, with my fellow classmates. A great way to send off our class to the world outside of high school.

2012: A Thousand Years

This is one of my favourite productions and by far, the composition with the most instruments. To add a cherry on top, another YouTuber used my recording for the introduction video of her Toy Dog video series. And no, the tattoo isn’t real. I got it at a Canada Day festival.

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