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Wheel of Life - Balancing Your Life Priorities - Webinar

Download a copy of the supplementary exercise here. Click download or save a copy to your own Google Drive. 


If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, thinking that you may need a change in your life, or are interested in building self-awareness, this resource is for you. 

This exercise will help you build a better understanding of what is and is not working for you in the core areas of your life and help your prioritize your needs. 

Step 1 - Score

Give yourself an honest self assessment of your relationship with each of your life areas. 1 is very dissatisfied and 10 is very satisfied. Try not to over think it. 

Step 2 - Explanation

In brief notes, describe why you have given yourself this score.

Step 3 - Commitments 

What commitments can you make to either maintain or improve your score in each of these areas?

Step 4 - Final Takeaways

Jot down your reflections from the exercise. What are you learning about yourself? What can be different for you moving forward with this awareness?

wheel of life exercise.PNG
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