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Paving a Path as a CPA with Michael Yeung

Link to Spotify episode here.

In this week's newsletter I am happy to share a podcast interview I had with Michael Yeung, CPA. Together, we believe there is a lot of value in sharing authentic stories of how to navigate our careers during these uncertain times.

In our conversation Michael shares his journey as he paves his career path as a CPA. After leaving professional services he launched himself into the start up world as a Financial Controller, later to realize that he did not want to be a Controller anymore.

In this episode he describes his career development and how he was able to follow his passions and interest to become a Senior Financial Analyst at Rewind, a cloud data backup and restore SaaS company. This might have looked like a "step-back" on paper, the role is much more aligned with his interests and motivation!

Sometimes we may make decisions that feel like they are setting us back, but they are actually decisions that lead to career and personal growth. Like getting lost on a hike, we may just take the wrong turn. We may have to take a few steps back to steer in the right direction.

Michael uses interest and passion to guide him in his decision making.

Along the way were challenges and hurdles that made him stronger and more confident in himself.

"I felt a lot of fear when interviewing... and taking risks taught be to become super adaptable and flexible... I find that it translates a lot to my personal life too."

Looking forward to hearing your comments and what resonates with you in our conversation!
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