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Layoff Support:
Career Transition Coaching

For professionals impacted by layoffs.

Losing your job can be difficult and stressful,
but it doesn't have to be.

Feeling lost about your life and career?
Considering a making a career change?
Are you curious about something new?
Looking to redefine your career? 

Have you recently been impacted by a layoff?


With the current state of the world, highly-skilled professionals are feeling uncertain about the stability of their jobs, the economy, and their life decision making.  

If you have recently been impacted by layoffs, you may be wondering how to bounce back. 

As a career coach, I help professionals create meaningful paths forward by utilizing their unique skills, strengths, values, and interests. 

With the right help, you can bounce back and come out even stronger.

"Challenging times invite time to reflect more deeply on what you truly want and need in your life."

Steps to Success


Current Assessment

Typically we need time to process a layoff. It's normal to be in shock and feel unconfident. Getting a pulse of where you are personally, financially, and emotionally will lay the groundwork of where you are and where you want to be. 



We will build a tangible action plan, with milestones and deadlines, to get you to where you want to be. I will hold you accountable and provide useful tools and resources to help you succeed. 



Let's find an opportunity that aligns with you. Application guidance, resume review, and interview prep and communication skill building is key to your success. 


Clarify Career Direction

Following the assessment, we will visualize and strategize your ideal next step. Is it a lateral/vertical move, a new industry, or perhaps starting a business? We will discover this based on your strengths, values, and interests.


Growth and Development

During transitions we have the opportunity to grow. We will identify core competencies, knowledge, and skills you may need to focus on building to make yourself more employable.


Start now!

Let's put this all together and get you moving forward in establishing a new career path.

Coaching with Casey

Don't do this alone - get support with each step of the way:


  • Book a complementary consultation with Casey to share your goals, objectives, and barriers in achieving them.

  • Together, we'll create a personalized plan to execute over a series of 1:1 coaching sessions

  • Access to specific career development, self-development, and instructional resources 


Casey helped me overcome the negative self talk I had after I got let go from my job. For a while I was down on myself and felt hopeless in my direction. In our work together, we built a tangible plan, narrowed down my search, and focused on what was going to excite me in the long term. 

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