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Redefine Your Career with Casey

Thinking about taking your career in a new direction? Feeling stuck in your current role? Wondering what else you can do?

Let's explore how to build your career confidence to take action now!

I help accountants find career fulfillment

Coaching with Casey

Are you feeling stuck in your current role?

Are you looking to take your career to the next level?

Wanting to change industries or companies?

Want to start a business?
What is holding you back from taking action?

Fun Fact 1: Only 2% of CPAs will become partners at their firms.

Fun Fact 2: 62% of employees believe it is very important for their work to align with their values, passions, and interests (Gloat)

Where do the remaining 98% of CPAs go? How are you choosing to move forward with your career?


Why most new CPAs struggle to find the right job after qualifying
As a CPA going through the system, we are guided by a linear path. We will become a senior, manager, senior manager, and eventually partner. If partnership isn’t your thing, you’ll look at going into industry: senior accountant, internal auditor, FP&A, assistant controller, controller, finance manager, CFO, etc.

If you are struggling with finding a path that excites you, you are not alone.

The ultimate CPA career solution
Have you ever considered careers outside of the path paved out for you? How about paving your own?

The truth is, there are countless opportunities out there that leverage your unique strengths, experience and interests.

Through my program I have helped my clients gain clarity on their long term goals and career path:
✅ Hone in on unique strengths and personality traits
✅ Deliver purposeful and meaningful work
✅ Perform and operate at a higher level
✅ Find balance in work and life
✅ Reduce stress and feelings of unfulfillment
✅ Overcome self-limiting beliefs

How we get results
Casey Chung Coaching is proven to help CPAs find careers that excite them. In less than 90 days, you will gain clarity and confidence in your next career steps.

Who we help
My clients are CPAs who are driven to explore their potential beyond the traditional accounting pathways. I help my clients move on from feeling stuck to feeling motivated to take action in their lives.

I am not limited to just helping CPAs. I also help corporate professionals in other fields who are ready for a change.

Let's talk

  • Discover your purpose

  • Redefine success

  • Find clarity and direction

  • Attract fulfillment

  • Live to your best potential

  • Create healthy habits

  • Foster a growth mindset

  • Overcome stress

  • Overcome imposter syndrome

  • Create your dream career

Client Testimonials

Smiling Man in Suit
Professional Woman
Happy Man

"Since my coaching sessions with Casey, I felt much more reassured and was able to picture a clearer action plan moving forward. Having experienced burn out, spending time to reflect has allowed me to get back on my feet and feel more refreshed."

"Casey prompted a very comfortable environment for me to share about my personal struggles. I learned the importance of self-reflection and focused time to explore my wider purpose"

"I feel like a weight's been lifted off me when it comes to making decisions."

"Casey provides a safe and supportive space for connection and reflection. Talking to Casey feels like talking to a family member you trust."



About Me

I am passionate about helping others realize and reach their best potential. This comes from a place of authenticity, purpose, curiosity, and growth.


I started my career as a professional accountant at KPMG. After obtaining my CPA designation I transitioned to become an internal coach and CPA program manager at the firm. I coached and developed over 100 professional accountants.


I completed my coach training with UBC's Certificate in Organizational Coaching and am an ICF Certified Associate Certified Coach (ACC). I've coached clients from diverse professional backgrounds: entry level, manager level, directors, early stage start up entrepreneurs, students.


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